August 11, 2021

The Ponchatoula Country Market

The Ponchatoula Country Market Inc was formed in 1973. Our mission is to provide a place for locals to display and sell handmade, homegrown & collectible items, and to maintain the historical depot building that houses the Country Market.

The Country Market is located in the historic train depot in downtown Ponchatoula, LA. It is owned and operated by Ponchatoula Country Market, Inc., a non-profit organization responsible for its maintenance and usefulness to the community.

The Board of Directors oversees the financial and physical needs of the property. Our current officers are Dee Forrest, President; Marilyn Dronet, Secretary and Marilyn Meyn, Treasurer.  Board members include Scott Allen, Rachel Baio, Christine Brignac, Julie Flores, Dana Fogleman, and Aimee Marcombe.